At each regional event (SOUTH, NORTH, EAST, CENTRAL) CSE + HighlightHER will be selecting coaches awards! Each district tournament will have (4) coaches/club organizers that will receive awards

  • Individuals will be given recognition on HighlightHER’s instagram
  • Coaches/Organizer will receive some form of a unique award


At each regional event (SOUTH, NORTH, EAST, CENTRAL)  HighlightHER with the assistance of coaches will be selecting All-District teams. There will be a team of (10) Girls selected at all age groups (2022-2029)


At the National Cup event in December, CSE and HighlightHER will be hosting a full banquet. Our goal is to recognize the absolute top coaches/club administrators in the sport. We’ll also be selecting All-National teams which will feature the top (10) girls in each graduation year.

  • These individuals will be recognized on HighlightHER and various other locations
  • The event will also be live streamed for thousands of players, coaches and others to watch around the USA

The banquet will be made available to all athletes, coaches and parents at the National Cup. A full dinner will be served, a featured guest speaker, and more!


Top coaches in the sport will be recognized at this event. Award criteria to be announced soon!

  • Coaches will be featured on HighlightHER


Top (10) athletes in each graduation year will be recognized at this event (2022-2029)

  • Athletes will be featured on HighlightHER
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